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Presentation Night and Pairs Competition 2023

The 2023 Presentation Night will be held at Bryn Labour Club on Friday 10th November commencing at 8pm.

A Pairs competition will be held on the night, with entrants drawn together randomly.  There will be a 40 question qualifying quiz, with the highest scoring six pairs progressing to the knockout final.  This will be a 15-to-1 style quiz, with each pair having three lives, one of which will be lost each time they get an answer wrong, until just one pair remains.

Knockout Cup Competition 2023

The knockout Cup was held at the Delph Tavern on 29th August 2023 with four teams competing.  The results were as follows:

Semi Final 1 - Star Inn (4) v Bryn Labour Club (18) Semi Final 2 - Delphic Horses (0) v Millstone (8)
Home F A Away
Star Inn
Bill Gerard 20
Peter Duffy 17
53 55 Bryn Labour Club
Debbie Davidson 17
Star Inn    
Home F A Away
Delphic Horses
Mike Unsworth 15
Gary Grant 20
Paul McAteer 14
58 48 Millstone
Mike Simpson 15
Geoff Penney 11 
Plate Final - Millstone (8) v Star Inn (4) Cup Final - Delphic Horses (0) v Bryn Labour Club (18)
Home F A Away
Ian Barlow 18
Mike Leech 16
Mike Simpson 10
58 36 Star Inn
Tony Spark 12
Home F A Away
Delphic Horses
Gary Grant 17
36 63 Bryn Labour Club
Debbie Davidson 17
Tony Robinson 11
Keith Eyre 10

Many congratulations to Bryn Labour Club and Millstone on their convincing wins. Also many thanks to Ian, Chris and Bill for setting the quizzes and all those who helped officiate the games.