Where We Are

Geographically the League is located in North West England, centred in and around the Far Moor "village" area of Orrell, Lancashire.

Orrell, which sits astride the A577 and B5206 roads, is also crossed by both the M6 and M58 Motorways. The nearest major towns are Wigan, roughly to the east and St. Helens to the south, both are in the region of five miles (10k - 12k) distant.

The league's member teams are drawn from a roughly circular area centred on the "village" and taking in both towns and the intervening localities. Travelling to and from matches generally takes no more than twenty minutes, even to the remotest venue.

What We Are

The Orrell & District Quiz League is a team based league, each team in the league playing every opposing team in their respective division on a home and away basis, two league points for a win, one league point for a draw.

At the conclusion of a season, which runs from Spring through to Autumn each year, the bottom two teams in a higher division are relegated to a lower division, likewise the top two teams from the latter are promoted.

Handsome team and individual trophies are awarded to the winners and runners-up of each league division, whilst Team and Pairs Knockout Competitions offer members additional opportunities for rewards of an equal standard.