A Brief History

This league was formed in April 1986, the idea of a very small group of acquaintances.  The original suggestion was to organise a modest "one-off" team based quiz competition between their respective "watering holes".

The initial idea was then expanded upon and resulted in an open letter being circulated to potentially interested parties advertising the date and venue of a meeting that had been called to make plans for the proposed competition.  The letter invited anyone who might be interested to attend, the response to this letter was surprisingly positive, within a few days there were ten teams involved and the Orrell & District Quiz League was subsequently born.

Guided by members with previous experience of competitive quizzing the league developed its own individual playing format which over time has evolved into its current form, throughout, the one unchanging concept has been the underlying ethos that the Orrell & District Quiz League is always seen to be a "friendly league".  That is to say that whilst always remaining competitive and encouraging competition it retains a major emphasis on its social aspects, so whilst winning is great, having fun is definitely considered more important.